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Kristina Schou Madsen Visit

We were really lucky recently and had a special visitor to JALB towers, Kristina Schou Madsen.

Kristina is the Danish national trail running champion who last year achieved the world record for running UP Mount Kilimanjaro, the summit is 5895m/19340ft – not bad for someone who comes from a country where the highest natural point is only 147m/482ft high.

Kristina has been a friend of ours for almost 6 years after first meeting Malc whilst doing the Everest Marathon. Since then she has become a professional athlete and started her own running events company putting on some awesome races, all in Denmark of course. In 2018 I ran the Kolding night trail, which is in my top 3 favourite races of all time. It was such a fun event, running in the middle of night, just a chest torch, 2 laps of awesome varied very muddy trails. The only Danish words that I knew was “tak”, thanks. I used it everything I saw a marshal who were extremely friendly and cheered you on all the way. This year I hope to go back and do the combined night and day trail with others from JALB. As well as these awesome event Kristina’s running company puts on, KriXrun also does virtual races.


Kristina was visiting England and we were delighted that she made time to come into the office. We showed her the process of producing a t-shirt and then put her to work! We think she did a good job and was proudly showing off her t-shirt that was designed, produced and worn by Kristina. And she loved the new mint colour t-shirt.

The following morning we went running with Kristina, just a gentle jog (for her) around the lovely Pittville park in Cheltenham. We think she enjoyed it even if she didn’t break a sweat! It was great seeing her and we will be joining up with Kristina soon in France for a trail race. 

A few months ago Kristina competed in the World Marathon Challenge – 7 marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents, she came 2nd and broke her own road PB marathon 3 times. Her fastest time came on the fifth marathon in Madrid and completed it in 3:12:00! We think Kristina is pretty amazing and an inspiration.
We think our new “I run the World” t-shirt design would be perfect for her.
On the back is your custom list of all, some, or your favourite places you have run from all around the world. On the front you have a choice from 2 different logos or you can choose you own words.
You may not have done 7 marathons on 7 continents, but for those who love travelling, running and seeing new places then this is a great design that showcases your list of races. You can include your local runs as well as the races you have completeed all around the world –  New York, London, Paris, Cheltenham.
2 choices of designs for the front or add custom text instead – Runners on tour, I run the world etc
With 20 design colours and at least 22 t-shirt designs you can create the perfect t-shirt for you or a friend.
Who runs the world???


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