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Just a little bit

Hello, we are JALB.


JALB is run by runners for runners.
And we believe that a positive view, particularly when you are facing a “suitable challenge”, either on your own or with others, helps progress in the right direction, and some bright colours and something to raise a smile can help us all on our way.

"We really love running and the running community. On Saturdays we can usually be found at a parkrun. Our mission is to enable runners to have fun designs and the words of their choice on high quality, affordable, technical tops and pre and post run leisure wear - because it makes the running more fun."


JALB started because we love running, particularly in amazing natural places with spectacular views, preferably with a fair dose of warm wind, sometimes maybe even rain. It’s all mother nature doing her best to help, hinder or challenge us further. And we realised just how important having something to smile about helps things along.


JALB is run(!) by Rachel and Malc - "We've certainly tested our products". Rachel has many years experience in the design and supply of printed clothing and is a dedicated parkrunner and occasional marathoner, but prefers half marathons. Malc is a volunteer Regional Event Ambassador for parkrun and has completed many marathons and ultra-marathons all over the world, including finishing very last in a marathon in Denmark ("It was entirely on a sandy beach! But I still finished!")


Join us in facing every challenge with a “why not?” attitude! And laugh with us in the face of adversity! Live a full life – and have a great time doing it!