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Review of Gildan performance t-shirt

By JALB team member Rachel

Today I am reviewing the Gildan Performance t-shirt. We wanted to test them to see if they are worth adding to our product range.

The main features are:

  • 100% Polyester jersey knit
  • AquaFX disperses moisture
  • Fresh care-odour-fighting freshness
  • White 145gsm, Colours 153gsm

They come in 11 colours, so a lot less than some other brands. But they do have a couple of bright colours which we prefer to see people running in rather than black and being unsafe.

What is 100% Polyester jersey knit and how is it different to 100% polyester.?

It’s type of knit textile made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic blend. The fabric is flexible, stretchy and also tends to be soft, making it very comfortable. One of the reasons many people like to wear jersey fabric is the stretch factor. The fabric can stretch up to 25% percent along its grain.  The fabric “bounces” back into shape

On the left is our regular 100% polyester running t-shirt. On the right is the Gildan 100 % polyester knit running t-shirt
On the left is our regular 100% polyester running t-shirt. On the right is the Gildan 100 % polyester knit running t-shirt

Basically 100% polyester jersey knit means it feels and looks like cotton but it’s actually polyester!  So you can wear the cotton looking t-shirt and not look like you have had a shower, because its polyester!  It still “wicks” your sweat away.

At first look the Gildan does look like cotton, I can guarantee you will double-check the label when you get it. But, it is 100% polyester!

Of course part of the testing is how does our designs look on the t-shirt. I decided to print a new design we have been working on. A running trainer morphed into an infinity symbol – running forever. I chose a nice gold yellow colour that stands out really well against the sports grey t-shirt. With a second colour of white to enhance the “RUN” wording. I am really pleased with the design, the colours and the way it feels on the t-shirt – it doesn’t feel to heavy and “hang”. Printing test is a big success.

The running test – ladies style, sports grey colour

The Gildan t-shirts are lightweight, softer and feel really nice.

I washed the t-shirt first and decided it didn’t need an iron. So on it went and out I went. I waited for a warm sunny day in August, had to wait a while of course.

I decided to go for a “quick” 5 miler in the heat to test the wicking technology or as in this case the moisture dispersing technology!

Would this t-shirt get me a PB? Probably not but I have to say I looked good and the softness of the t-shirt felt great. I don’t normally think of my running attire when running unless it is annoying me, so thinking about how the t-shirt was performing whilst running was just a little bit different.

The fabric didn’t rub, it was comfortable and it didn’t ride up – which is very important to me. It annoys me when I have to constantly pull my shirt down or adjust the t-shirt when I’m running

I went for a small which was a 8/10 size. The length isn’t too short and the fit is a relaxed fit – I don’t like tops that are a tight fit, so again this was a plus.

It was a hot day and I did sweat so there were some sweat patches on the t-shirt of course but the it wasn’t heavy at the end of the run and I didn’t feel or look like I had been wearing cotton.

My final thoughts

I really like the feel of the t-shirt, running in it was fine I had no problem with any of it. But I have been wearing the t-shirt more in my leisure time rather than running in it.  I don’t wear any of my polyester running or race t-shirts during my non running time. So it is nice to have a leisure ladies running top that I can show off my interest without advertising other top brand sports companies.
Just a little bit of a leisure running range is coming soon I think!!

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