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Virtual Races FAQs


Answers to questions that are asked frequently

How do Virtual Events work?
A. The joy of Virtual Events that you are in control!
You enter the event of your choice, run the distance when you like, on the route and surface you like, in the weather you prefer, on your own or with others.
Once completed, you email us an image of your watch showing the distance. We then send you your amazing medal
Why should I enter a Just a Little Bit virtual event?
A. There are a huge range of benefits to entering a Just a Little Bit More virtual event:
– Fabulous medals
– Excellent and efficient customer service
– Awesome, high-quality medal designs
– Challenging distances which will take you Just a Little Bit More than ‘standard’ races
– Made-to-order t-shirts to let everyone know your achievements
What proof do you accept?
A. Anything that shows your time and distance, e.g. a photo of your watch, treadmill distance, Strava result, etc.
Can I really do this event anywhere?
A. Yes, anywhere! If you live outside the UK then postage of your medal(s) will cost just a little bit more.
How long will it take for me to receive my medals?
A. Once we have approved your submission, we send the medals FREE Second Class Royal Mail.
UPDATE DUE TO CORONVIRUS: These medals are available now and can still be sent as soon as we receive your proof of your run.

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