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All orders received during this time will be processed when we re-open.

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Custom printed t-shirts

Please note we will be closed from JUNE 29th until JULY 18th.
All orders received during this time will be processed when we re-open.


for events, businesses, schools, groups, clubs, teams, hen & stag parties

Promote your business
Custom t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, long sleeves, jackets
Promotional mugs, prints, magnets
No minimum amount
Fast turnaround

Email us for samples, more information or a quote

Camps, tours and staff

custom big1
Polo shirts for camps
Junior and adult sizes
No minimum amount
custom big2
T-shirts available
Different styles and colours
We can help with design

Hoodies – sports wear and work wear

custom hoodies
Hoodies for clubs
Can be personalised with names or initials for no extra cost
No minimum amount


custom big6
Promote your business
Many colours available
Plain and contrast hoodies


Custom printed t-shirts for small or large businesses

custom t-shirts
Promote your business by adding your brand, contact information and logo to t-shirts
Look smart and professional at work and events
Katie Foster Physio   Style Pilates

custom t-shirtsPromote your event or charity with t-shirts

Events, hen & stag parties

Custom hen t-shirts
Hen & Stag parties
Group t-shirts with individual names
Photos can be added

Custom t-shirts
T-shirts for one-off events or
Matching t-shirts make you feel like part of a team


Custom printed t-shirts for individuals and teams

custom running t-shirts
One off designs with your words
Take one of our design, customise it and add your name

custom running t-shirts
Show you are part of a team with matching t-shirts or vests.
Add individual names to your design

Custom printed t-shirts for events. Marshals, volunteers and participants

custom eventsBright coloured t-shirts for marshals and volunteers
Cheltenham Challenge

Custom printed t-shirts
Event t-shirts for runners, technical or cotton t-shirts
T-shirts for “Give them a sporting chance”

Custom printed training bibs

custom parkrun bibs
Add words onto training bibs

custom training bibs
Bright coloured training bibs.
Pacer bibs or squad number

Printed flag and banners

Flags and banners are a great way to help promote your event, they catch the eye and make your event come alive

Running event printing
Teardrop, feather and sail shaped flags

Different sizes available


Cost effective, lightweight and easy to fix to temporary fencing or barriers.

PVC and airmesh banner